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Monday, May 1st
7:00 pm New monthly session of Mission Mondays Lindy Hop Classes starts at the Women's Building, SF! (More info)
Wednesday, May 3rd
7:00 pm New monthly session of Lindy Hop Classes starts at Cats Corner! (More info)
Saturday, May 6th
4:00 pm Teaching at a Fundraiser for the Oakland Unified School District

Reviews & Testimonials

Nathan was our wedding DJ and dance instructor for our very recent wedding in November and we still can't get over how fun the wedding and our first dance routine were!! Sachiko & Nate
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I hired Nathan (DJ NateDiggity) for my Move to the Groove party at Cafe Cocomo and he exceeded all my expectations. He was the perfect DJ for the party! Jeremy Sutton
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Nathan is awesome... I highly recommend taking his group classes, or hiring him for private lessons if you wish to swing dance at your wedding. Claudine & Danny
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Monday Lindy Hop Classes in the Mission

Next class session starts Monday, May 1st, 2017!

with Nathan Dias & Liz Miller!

Register by Saturday before the session starts and save $10 or more!

  • Beginning Lindy Hop, 7-8pm
  • Intermediate Lindy Hop, 8:30-9:30pm
  • plus 30-minute practice session after each class!

Learn to Lindy Hop – the classic partner swing dance from the 1930s and 40s – on Monday evenings in the heart of the SF Mission district at the Women’s Building. In our friendly, neighborhood dance classes you’ll learn to dance, have fun, meet new people, and get great exercise all at once!

4-week Class Costs:

$50 early registration online by Saturday, April 29th
$55 full price online / $60 at the door.
$15 weekly drop-in with teacher permission.

Register online today…Save up to $10 and your spot in class! 

Our Monday Lindy Hop classes offer:

  • friendly, knowledgeable & skilled dance instruction with Nathan Dias and monthly guest teachers
  • progressive classes that help you to build your skill week by week
  • new month long class sessions starting the first Monday of each month
  • 30-minute practice session right after class — dance and socialize with your instructors and classmates
  • online class registration & discounts
  • monthly class field trip to fun SF swing dance venues…practice what you learned in class!

There are two roles in Lindy Hop: leaders (traditionally men) and followers (traditionally women). You don’t have to be traditional in our class, but we do ask that you choose one role and stick with it for the 4-week series.

Refunds & Missed Classes Policy

The Historic Women's Building in San FranciscoClass Location

The Women’s Building, Auditorium
3543 18th Street, between Valencia & Guerrero
San Francisco, CA 94110

Class Descriptions

Beginning Lindy Hop

You will learn the fundamentals of this flashy, athletic and high-energy dance, introducing fundamental footwork, lead-and-follow technique and Lindy Hop’s signature style. This is beginner level class. Previous swing dance experience (e.g. East Coast Swing) is helpful, but not required. The class has a progressive format which means we review and build upon previous weeks’ material each class.

No partner is needed; we rotate frequently in class.

A new month-long class series starts the first Monday of every month. We always cover the essential Lindy Hop steps (swing out from open/closed and lindy circle) and then teach a variety of beginner moves each month. We recommend taking all 4 months of Beginning Lindy Hop (A-D) before moving up to the Intermediate Level.  Start during any month A-D…there is no need to start with month A.

Beginning A (Mar/Jul/Nov)

  • Swing out from open
  • Swing out from closed
  • 6-count tuck turn from closed
  • 8-count tuck turn from closed
  • Reverse Jerk
  • Promenade with Pecking
Beginning B (Apr/Aug/Dec)

  • Side-by-side Charleston
  • Yo-Yo Charleston
  • Yo-Yo Lindy
  • Swing out from closed
  • Swing out from open
  • Lindy Circle
  • Shimmy
Beginning C (Jan/May/Sep)

  • Simplified Swingouts (no triple steps)
  • Swing out from closed
  • Swing out from open
  • 8-count Inside Turn
  • 8-count Outside Turn
  • 8-count Texas Tommy
  • Lindy Circle
Beginning D (Feb/Jun/Oct)

  • 6-count turns
  • triple steps vs. jig walks
  • closed vs. open position
  • Behind-the-back Charleston
  • Side-by-side Charleston
  • Kick-through Charleston

Intermediate Lindy Hop

In this class, you will build up your repertoire of lead and follow techniques, classic lindy hop moves and styling. You must already be confident with 6- and 8-count basics, including the Lindy Hop swingout and related turns, and basic Charleston steps. 4-5 months of Beginning Lindy Hop and social dancing are recommended before taking this level.

Intermediate Lindy Hop 6-month Curriculum (Updated & Revised for 2016!)

Basics & Beyond Charleston & Classic Sequences Advanced Topics
Jan/Jul (D) Swingouts, Circles & 6-counts
Mixing 6- vs 8-counts, Forward vs. Backward technique, Rotational Swingouts
Charleston A
Side-by-side, Yo-Yo, Face-to-Face, Hacksaw
Moving Like A Dancer Musicality & Timing
Feb/Aug (E) 8-count Turns
Inside, Outside, Finger-roll & Texas Tommy from an 8-count Swingout
Charleston B
Tandem + Hand-to-hand
Footwork, Rhythm & Style A
Mar/Sep (F) Tuck Turns Classic Sequences
Mini-Dip, Behind-the-Back Promenade, Sailor Kicks, the Chase, Hacksaw
Spins & Turns
Apr/Oct (A) Swingout Like Things
Reverse Jerk, Reverse Swingout, Half-Swingout, Slip-out, Travel Swingout
Charleston C
Airplane, Cross-Plane, Shadow
Footwork, Rhythm & Style B
May/Nov (B) Turn, Turn, Turn
Mixing 6-count, 8-count Turns & Tuck Turns
Classic Sequences B

Pecking Promenade, Curl & Points, Quick-Stop, Jump Turn, Tango, Drags

Spins & Turns
Jun/Dec (C) Dancing Fast
Jig Walks, Charleston Swingouts & more
Charleston D
Kick-Through & Hand-to-Hand
Footwork, Rhythm & Style C

Join the Class!

About the Instructors

Resident Teachers

Nathan Dias :

Nathan Dias

Nathan is an award-winning swing dancer, instructor, performer and DJ in San Francisco. Dancing since 1997, Nathan learned his chops on the social and competitive dance floor, at national and international dance camps, and as a performer with the SF Bounce and 3 Minute Maniacs swing dance troupes. Nathan started teaching dance in 2005 and is the regular dance instructor at Cat’s Corner – the Wednesday night swing dance at Balancoire Night Club, and also teaches weekly group classes at the SF Women’s Building in the Mission District.

Notable dance awards include:

  • 1st Place Lindy Hop Jack & Jill, Boogie by the Bay 2011
  • 2nd Place Strictly Lindy – Boogie by the Bay 2011
Liz Miller :

Liz Miller

Liz J. Miller has been teaching lindy hop for over 10 years. She was an important part of instigating and leading the Boston lindy hop community that continues to thrive today. Liz has placed first in both American Lindy Hop Championships and Boston's International Wicked Lindy as well as second in The Boston Tea Party swing dance competitions.

Liz has studied many forms of dance, including ballet, hip hop, salsa, and bachata. She is excited to be collaborating with Nathan to bring you this lindy hop class series!

Cancellations, Refunds & Missed Classes

There will be a $20 additional charge for all returned checks.

No refunds or discounts for missed classes and sorry, no make-ups for the classes. Credit can be given for a future series to students who are going to miss an entire series if you inform Nathan by no later than the 2nd class of any series.

If you miss a class, consider a Private Lesson or arriving early to ask your instructors and fellow students about the material missed. We also hold a practice session after class every week which is a great opportunity
to practice and ask about missed material.