Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop Workshop

Nathan & Mirjam Swingout 2

with Nathan Dias & Mirjam Johansson

Saturday, April 20, 12-4pm

2 x 1:30 minute classes, progressive format

Nathan and visiting guest teacher Mirjam Johansson will spend a fun afternoon exploring and practicing more challenging dance concepts and techniques, geared toward students who have a solid grasp of Lindy Hop fundamentals.

Class 1: Flow, Footwork & Improvisation

You’ve already got a solid grasp of the basic moves of Lindy Hop, so we’ll work on smoothing out the transitions and making every movement flow into the next. After that we’ll introduce some fun footwork patterns and play with sprinkling them into our dance in a way that complements the lead and follow.

Class 2: Musicality and Conversation

We will cover a bit of  music theory to help you understand classic swing song structure and patterns, but then break free from that with fun exercises that encourage you to dance with your entire body, inspired both by what you hear, what you feel yourself and your partner.

Location: Metronome Dance Collective, 1830 17th Street (near De Haro), SF

$30 for first 3 leaders and 3 followers to register!
$35 early registration by Thursday, April 18.
$45 full price registration after April 18.

20 spots available.

Register now and save your spot in class!