Intermediate Lindy Hop Workshop

with Nathan Dias & Jessica Boddicker

Nathan & JessicaLEADERS NEEDED!

Saturday, August 17th, 1-5pm

2 x 1:30 minute classes

Nathan and Jessica will spend a fun afternoon exploring and practicing more challenging dance concepts and techniques, geared toward students who have a solid grasp of Lindy Hop fundamentals.

Class 1: Charleston

We’ll help you practice and polish your basic Charleston form to make your kicks, turns and pulse look awesome. We’ll review the connection and lead and follow behind some common Charleston positions such as side-by-side, tandem and airplane position, and then add layers of fun movements and styling.

Class 2: Lindy Hop Grab Bag

When what we want to teach defies description and categorization, we simply throw them into our Lindy Grab Bag. In this class, Nathan & Jessica will share their latest and greatest dance inventions and toys for you to enjoy too!

Location: Metronome Dance Collective, 1830 17th Street (near De Haro), SF

$30 for first 3 leaders and 3 followers to register!
$35 early registration by Thursday, August 15.
$45 full price registration after August 15.

24 spots available.

Register now and save your spot in class!