Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cat is Back! Lindy Workshop & Blue Moon Ball

at the Ukrainian-American Hall, SF


  • Afternoon Lindy Hop Workshops for Intermediate & Advanced dancers featuring world-renowned dancer Catrine Ljungren – the original “Cat” of Cat’s Corner and Nathan Dias
  • Evening Lindy Hop Essentials Class for Beginner-Intermediates and above
  • Evening East Coast Swing Crash Course for Absolute Beginners!
  • Live Music Dance Party with Kally Price singing with Si Perkoff’s Swingtime Band!
  • Spacious wood dance floor plus Cash Bar serving Beer, Wine, Cheese & Treats

Who’s that Cat?!? Showcasing Catrine Ljunggren:

Buy your dance ticket for $15!

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Saturday, June 17, 2017
11AM-12:30PM Early Afternoon Track  All Afternoon Track Technique

Fine tune your basics and warm up for the day

12:30-2PM Crazy Fast Lindy

Kick your Swingouts and Charleston into high-gear and learn fun moves for blazing fast tempos…bring a towel!

3-4:30PM Late Afternoon Track Crazy Fun Lindy

The best-of-the-best of Cat and Nathan’s favorite lead-and-follow variations, footwork and styling options, and rhythm play

4:30-6PM Crazy Kicking Charleston

Spice up your dancing with high-flying kicks, bouncy variations, and snappy transitions

 Dinner Break

Evening Classes

Lindy Hop Essentials
(Beginner-Intermediate and above)
$20 early / $25 full price online / $30 door

A fast-paced class that will give newer dancers lots of fun, immediately-usable material including classic moves and styling that capture the spirit of Lindy Hop – joy, silliness and play! Also welcome: experienced dancers who want to freshen up their dancing or just an excuse to take classes with the one-of-a-kind Cat!

East Coast Swing Crash Course
(Absolute Beginners welcome!)
$10 online & door

Learn the simple 6-count basic step and fun beginner moves to help get you dancing quickly and warm-up for the party!

 Live Music Dance Party
featuringKally Price sings
with Si Perkoff’s Fantastic Swingtime Band!
Cash bar serving craft cocktails, beer, wine and finger food by Grant & Dorian
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Register online now and save $10 or more!

Location: Ukrainian-American Hall, 345 Seventh Street, SF, CA 94110 (near Folsom)

Parking & Safety Note: The neighborhood is riskier toward Market & 6th Streets, so instead park on 7th & 8th Streets (and higher) and south of Market toward Harrison & Folsom. Leave unneeded valuables at home, bring essential valuables to the venue, and don’t leave anything in sight in your vehicle!


Dance Party:
Dance Only Ticket: $15 online / $20 door
Dance Ticket with any class purchase(s): $10 online & door.

Afternoon Workshops:
Early or Late Track Only: $30 early / $35 online / $40 door.
All Afternoon Track: $55 early / $65 online / $70 door

Afternoon Drop-ins: $20/class cash at the door. First come, first served depending on available space and class balance. We will limit the balance to maximum 3 extra leaders or followers. Recruit a drop-in partner for best chances to make it into class!

Sign up online by Thursday, June 15th and Save $10 or more!

Afternoon Class Requirements

Requirements: you must be able to dance the swingout, lindy circle, 6- and 8-count turns & basic charleston. 3+ months of Intermediate classes and regular social dance experience is highly recommended.

About the Teachers

World-renowned Lindy Hopper, dancer and teacher Catrine Ljunggren is also the famous “Cat” of Cat’s Corner, who founded, taught and ran the weekly dance party with Nathan for nearly 5 years at Savanna Jazz Club before she moved away for other pursuits.

This June, Bay Area dancers have a chance to benefit from Catrine’s expert dance instruction as well as enjoy her quirky personality and one-of-a-kind charm!

Nathan Dias :

Nathan Dias

Nathan is an award-winning swing dancer, instructor, performer and DJ in San Francisco. Dancing since 1997, Nathan learned his chops on the social and competitive dance floor, at national and international dance camps, and as a performer with the SF Bounce and 3 Minute Maniacs swing dance troupes. Nathan started teaching dance in 2005 and is the regular dance instructor at Cat’s Corner – the Wednesday night swing dance at Balancoire Night Club, and also teaches weekly group classes at the SF Women’s Building in the Mission District.

Notable dance awards include:

  • 1st Place Lindy Hop Jack & Jill, Boogie by the Bay 2011
  • 2nd Place Strictly Lindy – Boogie by the Bay 2011
Catrine Ljunggren :

Catrine Ljunggren

Catrine Ljunggren is a dancer, teacher, performer & swing organizer specializing in dances of the Swing Era as well as Argentine Tango. Catrine teaches at dance camps and workshops all around the world.

Catrine is one of the original members of the legendary Rhythm Hot Shots and one of the founders of Herrang Dance Camp, the world’s largest dance camp which has been in existence since 1982. Catrine and her dance company are one of the main groups responsible for the resurgence of Lindy Hop today.

Catrine learned from Al Minns and Frankie Manning, both members of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers in the 1930’s. Catrine is known for her energy — she likes to dance fast and fly high and it is a joy to watch her dancing as she is an excellent performer and dancer. In her dance partner Elliott Donnelley she has found someone willing to attempt to keep up with her, and they are a joy to watch because they really have fun when they dance.