Saturday, January 10th

Chad Kubo & Virginie Jensen

Intermediate Lindy Hop

3 x 80 minute classes. 11am-4:30pm at the Women’s Building, SF

International Lindy legend Virginie Jensen and local Lindy hero and master martial artist Chad Kubo team up to offer a fun afternoon workshop that will tune-up your basics, offer you sassy and sensational styling options and help you master the Art & Zen of momentum and connection!

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Saturday, January 10th Class Description
Morning Session 11:00 – 12:20 pm

Sassy & Sensational Styling

Add flair and spice to your basics, while moving from your core for power and grace.

Lunch Break
Afternoon Session 1:30 – 2:50 pm

Art & Zen: Connection & Momentum

Use martial arts principles to make your partner dancing flow!

3:00 – 4:20 pm

Putting It All Together


Women’s Building, Auditorium
3543 18th, San Francisco, 94110 (near Valencia St., Mission District)

Workshop Costs

Full Workshop (3 classes): $55 early registration by January 8th, 2014. $65 full price.

30 couples max. Drop-ins may be possible on the day of the workshop, depending on space.

NOTE: At the moment, we recommend signing up with a registration partner of the opposite dance role to help keep the workshop balanced. You will still rotate in class as usual. Drop-ins will be accepted as space and class balance permits.

Class Requirements

Classes are geared toward students with at least 2+ months of Intermediate Lindy Hop class AND social dance experience. You should be comfortable with dancing basic 6-count & 8-count patterns and should definitely be able to dance a whole song without stopping.

Sign up today and save your spot in class!

About the Instructors

Chad Kubo

chad-brandee2Chad Kubo is the original Ambassador of Swing in San Francisco. He has been dancing lindy hop since 1994, and has performed and taught workshops in the United States and abroad, including SF Frankie Manning Workshops, and at events featuring jazz legends Lionel Hampton and Wynton Marsalis. He is the co-founder of San Francisco’s Lindy in the Park, and for many years taught at and ran The Doghouse, SF’s premier Saturday dance party. Drawing on his 30+ years of martial arts experience (black belts in aikido, judo, and karate), as well as a background in gymnastics, Chad emphasizes movement and body dynamics in his lindy classes, such as Zen and the Art of Lindy Hop, Creativity and Musicality, Aerials, Stealing and Switching Partners, Jazz Movement, and Floor Craft. 

Virginie Jensen

virginie jensenSwing Dance Legend Virginie Jensen has taught and influenced countless Lindy Hoppers and Blues Dancers across the world. Her visually stunning style exemplifies physicality, graceful movement and playfulness, and all her students benefit from her deep dance knowledge and years of experience teaching innovative classes to the world’s top Lindy Hop competitors, teachers and performers.

Virginie  has over 20 years of dance experience that includes Jazz, Classical Ballroom, Swing, Ballet. She attended Laoust Ballet School, Franketti School of Dance, Harlem School of Classical Ballroom and Arcadance School where she worked on many dance performances. She began teaching Ballet and Ballroom at the age of 16, and has performed Ballroom and Jazz professionaly for several years. She is also the winner of numerous dancing awards in France. Virginie began teaching Lindy Hop in 1997, and in 1999 paired up with Steven Mitchell to teach full-time internationally. Known for her unique style, spinning and connection, Virginie draws from her extensive dance experience to teach grace, frame and flash to the followers.