Wedding Dance Choreography

Your first dance as a married couple is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Make sure it’s one you want to remember…

…with wedding dance lessons and choreography from Nathan!

Look and feel confident dancing your first wedding dance and wow your guests with swinging style! Nathan will teach you the basics of partner dancing as well as a unique wedding dance choreography customized just for you.

“First you will learn the basic step, followed by a handful of easy turns and moves, a classy entrance and exit, plus some flashy but simple dips and tricks to spice things up. Next we’ll work on stringing these building blocks together in a meaningful, but flexible order that fits with the music. I like to keep things simple and unsuspecting until just the right time in the music…when a well-timed move, dip or trick will surprise and knock the socks off your guests!”

Nathan can help you select a wedding dance song from his extensive collection of romantic dance music, or you can provide your own music. Nathan recommends starting your lessons at least 2 months prior to your wedding day to leave time for practice and polishing, although he has also taught couples to dance in as few as five 1-hour lessons.

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Nathan also offers additional Wedding Day Entertainment options:

  • DJing at your Wedding Reception
  • Teaching a dance lesson to get your guests on the dance floor
  • Booking a Live Swing Band

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