Saturday, November 28th from 11 AM to 4:30 PM

Work-That-Turkey-Off Lindy Workshop!

with Gaby Cook & Nathan Bugh (NYC)

Spend a fun Saturday afternoon with Gaby and Nathan – two award-winning Lindy Hoppers and world class teachers - and get fresh inspiration for your dancing while practicing with other motivated students!

Gaby and Nathan will enchant you with their playful and musical dance style, while sharing fun exercises to improve your personal movement, partner dancing and leading and following skills!

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Saturday, November 28th Time Class
Morning Session 11am-12:20pm

Fancy Footwork

Looking to change up the ‘ole kick ball change? Step step, triple step feeling a little tired. Revitalize your relationship with the music by finding new rhythm patterns and step replacements for your favorite vocabulary. This class will be rife with lead and follower variations.

12:30-1:50pm Off the BEAT’n Path

Widen your rhythmic palette. This workshop will teach dancers to use even count breaks and emphasize syncopated rhythms. These lead-and-follow moves with help students seek new rhythmic ideas in familiar songs and vocabulary.

Lunch Break
Afternoon Session 3-4:20pm Phrasing and Flow

Let’s get a good flow going. This class will help students find successful strategies to connect moves and steps that work together. Find lindy zen by understanding how the dynamics of lindy hop can follow the ebb and flow with common jazz structures.


The Women’s Building, Auditorium

3543 18th Street, San Francisco, 94110

(between Guererro and Valencia)

Workshop Costs

Full Workshop (3 classes): $50 by November 24 / $55 by November 26 / $60 at the door.
30 couples max. Drop-ins may be possible on the day of the workshop, depending on space.

Class Requirements

Classes are geared toward students with at least 3+ months of Intermediate Lindy Hop class AND social dance experience. You should be comfortable with dancing basic 6-count & 8-count patterns and should definitely be able to dance a whole song without stopping.

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About the Instructors

Gaby Cook & Nathan Bugh

Nathan Bugh (NYC)

Swing Dance Teacher Nathan Bugh

Nathan “Soft Shoe” Bugh presents a unique, rhythmic style of jazz movement on stage, on screen, and in classrooms worldwide. He performed at Carnegie Hall, with the Josie Say and the New York Pops Orchestra. As a national competitor, Nathan has taken 1st place in Lindy, Slow Dancing, Solo Charleston, Team, and Cabaret divisions—he even holds one title as a follower: 1st 2002 ALHC “Jill and Jack.” He performs regularly with New-York companies: Swing FX and The Vanaver Caravan.

In the classroom, Nathan draws on over a decade of professional experience teaching dancers of all ages and skill levels. He has taught at specialized camps worldwide, like Swing Out New Hampshire, Lindy Focus, and Swing Brother Swing. He has been an artist in residence at P.S. 144, home of the champion dance program featured in “Mad Hot Ballroom.” And he has given “Horizons” seminars in jazz dance at The Juilliard School, his alma mater.

Learn more about Nathan Bugh

Gaby Cook (NYC)

Swing Dance Teacher Gaby Cook

Gaby is an internationally-renowned dancer and instructor who loves all things Swing. Her unique style of movement balances power and dynamism with clarity and razor sharp turns. She brings great care to lines, shapes and balance in her personal performance, as well as her choreographic work. She holds 1st place titles in lindy hop, balboa and solo jazz from events such as International Lindy Hop Championships (2012), Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown (2011), Lindy Focus (2013), Lonestar Championships (2012) and Balboa Rendezvous (2009).

She is a strong supporter of female-dance traditions and has worked over the last 7 years to create and foster growth for Chorus Girl Troupes. She is passionate about lindy hop traditions and works to share the joy of swing with new audiences.

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