Saturday, December 10, 2016:

Winter Workshop & Holiday Hop!

at the Ukrainian Hall, SOMA, San Francisco

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  • Afternoon Lindy Hop Workshops for Intermediate & Advanced dancers
    with guest teachers Nathan, Alison, Dave & Charlie
  • Evening Beginner Crash Courses in Lindy Hop & Swing
  • Live Music Dance Party featuring the Fil Lorenz Big Band Orchestra
  • Spacious wood dance floor plus Cash Bar serving Beer, Wine, Cheese & Treats

Buy your dance ticket for $15!

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016
Morning Cup of Jazz with Alison
Warm-up your body and learn a fun mini-routine of classic solo jazz steps!
Lunch Break
1-2:10PM Intermediate
All Afternoon
Intermediate Lindy: Rhythm & Flow

Smooth your transitions and spice up your basics with cool rhythm changes and syncopated footwork.

with Nathan & Alison

2:20-3:30PM Int/Adv
Intermediate Lindy:
Improvisation & Creativity

Swing dancing can be more than just a series of moves. We will show you how to deconstruct Lindy Hop so you can add your voice and make your dances more exciting for you and your partner.

with Dave & Charlie

3:40-4:50PM Intermediate/Advanced Lindy:
Lindy Hop Roller Coaster Of Death

We’ll start off with a suicide drop that begins our foray into the more dangerous side of Lindy momentum. How and where can we add more woosh (that’s a technical term) into our Lindy? Come to this class and find out!

with Dave & Charlie

5-6:10PM Int/Adv Lindy: Dips and Tricks

Jump Turns, Drop-spins, Slide-thru-the-legs and more!

with Nathan & Alison

Dinner Break

Beginner Classes:

Lindy Hop Foundations
with Dave & Charlie

A fast paced introduction, survey and refresher of the essential movements of 8-count Lindy Hop: Swingout, Lindy Circle & Basic Turns.  For beginners and those with Lindy experience, we will break down how the Swing Out and other Lindy moves work!

East Coast Swing Crash Course
with Nathan & Alison

Learn the simple 6-count basic step and fun beginner moves to get you dancing quickly!

Live Music Dance Party


The Fil Lorenz Orchestra!

fil-lorenzSaxophonist Fil Lorenz leads a tight horn ensemble that packs a bold punch, while channeling a sweet, classy and richly textured sound that brings to life music of Duke Ellington, New Testament Count Basie, Ray Charles and other jazz and blues legends. Backed by a driving rhythm section on piano/bass/drums, the band plays classic renditions of our favorite big band swing dance tunes…a dancer’s delight!

 PLUS: Guest DJ Frank Lee During the Band Breaks!

Cash bar serving beer, wine and finger foods

Register online now and save $10 or more!

Location: Ukrainian-American Hall, 345 Seventh Street, SF, CA 94110 (near Folsom)

Parking & Safety Note: The neighborhood is riskier toward Market & 6th Streets, so instead park on 7th & 8th Streets (and higher) and south of Market toward Harrison & Folsom. Leave unneeded valuables at home, bring essential valuables to the venue, and don’t leave anything in sight in your vehicle!


Dance Party:
Dance Only Ticket: $15 online / $20 door
Dance Ticket with any class purchase(s): $10 online & door.

Morning Solo Jazz with Alison:
$10 with any class or dance ticket purchase. $15 class only.

Afternoon Workshops:
Intermediate Track: $45 early / $50 online / $55 door.
Int/Adv Track: $45 early / $50 online / $55 door
All Afternoon Track: $55 early / $60 online / $65 door

Afternoon Drop-ins: $20/class cash at the door. First come, first served depending on available space and class balance. We will limit the balance to maximum 3 extra leaders or followers. Recruit a drop-in partner for best chances to make it into class!

Evening Classes for Beginners & Newbies:
Lindy Hop & Charleston Foundations: $25 online / $35 door
East Coast Swing Crash Course: $10 online & door

Register online by December 8th and Save $10 or more!

About the Teachers

Dave & Charlie and Nathan & Alison perform an acrobatic Lindy Hop routine with the Cosmo Alleycats (solo couples 2 & 3 respectively) :

Nathan ThinkingNathan Dias

Nathan specializes in Lindy Hop, the high-energy swing dance from the 1930s and 40s, and has been teaching, performing and DJing since 2005. He started swing dancing in 1997 and lindy hopping in 2000. A regular dancer in San Francisco since 2001, Nathan enjoys the creativity and personal connection of social dancing as well as the challenge and satisfaction on working on and improving his dance.

He has taught at practically all of the local swing dance venues at one time or another, including the 9:20 Special, Lindy in the Park, Tuesday Night Jump, Rent Party and original Doghouse, and has been a featured instructor at regional workshops such as Swingin’ at the Savoy, California Swingin’, *Workshop (San Luis Obispo), Santa Swing (Santa Barbara), Le Hot Sauce (SF) and has taught internationally in Switzerland and Madrid as well!

Alice Sinclair (Alison)

Alison can hardly believe it’s been almost 8 years since she started swing dancing in Seattle, WA. Since then, dancing has taken her to Herräng, Sweden where she trained with world-renowned Lindy Hop instructors. She currently performs with The Sweet 16, a vintage chorus girl troupe, throughout the Bay Area. She is thrilled to be teaching in San Francisco and promises to bring insight and enthusiasm to every class!

dave-and-charlie-focus-on-connectionDave & Charlie Stellar

David Ljung Madison is an internationally respected Blues and Lindy Hop teacher who is an expert in cutting to the chase and conveying strong fundamentals. He’s joined by his teaching partner-in-crime and exquisite social dancer Charlie. Charlie and David met at a partner dance and the connection was instantaneous. Charlie has been a dancer and musician her entire life, initially starting with solo performance dance as a member of modern and contemporary troupes as well as hip hop. She discovered her love of partner dance coincidentally on the day she met David. Since then they have been building their partnership with his social dance background and her trained dancer background to create something much stronger.

David has been dancing Lindy and Blues for close to two decades and was one of the people responsible for the creation of the contemporary Blues Dance scene. He has been teaching Lindy and Blues workshops in dozens of countries across the world and teaches classes based on the beginning and advanced fundamentals that will make your dance come alive. Together, David & Charlie travel around the world bringing the joy of Blues Dancing and Lindy Hop to scenes everywhere they go, sharing their knowledge and focusing on the parts of dance they love: connection, musicality and momentum.