Saturday Lindy Hop Workshop

Nathan & Mirjam Swingout 2

with Nathan Dias & Mirjam Johansson

Saturday, May 18th @ the Metronome Dance Collective, SF

Workshop 1: Intermediate Lindy Hop (11am-2pm)

(for dancers with less than 6 months of Intermediate Lindy Experience)

Class 1: Demystifying 6-counts vs. 8-counts

Develop and practice the technique and connection needed to lead, follow and seamlessly blend 6-count and 8-count steps…or any number of counts for that matter!

Class 2: Must-Know Musicality

Learn to recognize two of the most common ways that swing music is structured (Swing Chorus vs. Blues), and how to use that knowledge to hit the breaks and express the music with your body!

Workshop 2: Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop (3-6pm)

(for dancers with 6 or more months of Intermediate Lindy experience)

Class 1: Spins & Turns

Train yourself to turn and spin with more balance, grace and confidence both individually and with a partner.

Class 2: Rock your Charleston

Learn some of Nathan & Mirjam’s favorite, fun, bouncy and kicky Charleston steps, perfect for dancing to faster swing music.

Location: Metronome Dance Collective, 1830 17th Street (near De Haro), SF


Single Workshop (2 classes):
$30 for first 3 leaders and 3 followers to register!
$35 early registration by Thursday, May 16.
$45 full price registration after May 16.

Note: please respect the class requirements. If you have questions email Intermediate/Advanced students may sign up for both workshops…but be prepared for a long day! There is no discount for taking both workshops.

Register now and save your spot in class!

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