Saturday, September 19 from 11AM to 4:30PM

Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Workshop

with Mirjam Johansson & Johan Umefjord (Sweden)!

More video: Mirjam & Johan social dancing….

One of our favorite visiting Lindy Hop teachers Mirjam Johansson (Stockholm, Sweden) is back in town along with her dance partner Johan Umefjord! They are both accomplished competitors and performers on the European lindy circuit, and are excited to help you rock your rock-step, turn your dancing on its head, and inject fresh inspiration, styling, ideas and movement into your swing repertoire!

Leaders: Johan is like a James Bond of Lindy Hop: his disarmingly cool-yet-powerful sensibility sets a perfect backdrop for unexpected sneak attacks of rhythm and flash.

Followers: Mirjam is a bouncy ball of flaming energy. Her dancing embodies playfulness and passion that will make you smile and inspire you to find your own inner dance joy!

Early bird special: register by Friday, September 18 and save $5!



September 19, 2015

Class Description
Morning Session 11:00am –
The Fastest Feet Get the Best Kicks

Get creative and get sharp with your fast Charleston patterns

12:40-2pm The Power of the Power Moves

Learn powerful moves that combine advanced leading and following leaving room for individual possibilities of styling.

Afternoon Session 3-4:20pm Rhythms to Style Your Basics

Nice rhythms to spice up your social dancing and improve your musicality


The Women’s Building, Auditorium
3543 18th Street, SF, 94110 (near Valencia)

Workshop Costs

Full Workshop (3 classes): $50 early registration by 9/13. $55  by 9/18. $65 at the door.
Drop-ins welcome ($20/class)…but we recommend bringing a drop-in partner to help keep the class balanced!
30 couples max.

Sign up today and save your spot in class!

About the Instructors


Mirjam and JohanMirjam started dancing Lindy Hop 2007. Her biggest passion is social dancing and you will notice her high energy and playfulness on the floor. Mirjam loves teaching, both lindy hop and authentic jazz and she specially wants to share and improve followers ability to express themselves musically while maintaining a great connection in partner dancing. Mirjam teaches regularly in Stockholm and also internationally. Iceland, San Francisco and Malaysia are some examples where she has taught. Mirjam as well enjoy to perform and compete and has placed in events like European Swing Dance Championships, Snowball and Lindy Shock.

Johan has taught swing dancing since 2006 at a variety of dance schools in Sweden and at international events around Europe and the US. With Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing as his favorites he also enjoys Balboa and Blues which he also teaches on occasion.

While his favorite thing to do is to swing out to live music on the social dance floor Johan can be seen competing in Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing with wins such as Spring Swing (Nordic WCS championships) and Herräng Lindy Hop Championships