Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Workshop & Blue Moon Ball!

at the Ukrainian Hall, SOMA, San Francisco

  • Afternoon Lindy Hop & Balboa Workshops for Intermediate & Advanced dancers with award winning Bay Area teachers Nathan & Lori, Doug & Joy and Ken & Rebecca!
  • Evening Beginning Swing Crash Course for Absolute Beginners!
  • Live Music Dance Party featuring the Cosmo Alleycats
  • Spacious wood dance floor plus Cash Bar serving Beer, Wine, Cheese & Treats

Buy your dance ticket for $15!

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Saturday, April 22, 2017
1-2:10 PM Lindy Only Track  All Afternoon Track Intermediate+ Lindy Hop
Shuffle, Kick, Pop!
(Nathan and Lori)
2:20-3:30 PM Intermediate+ Lindy Hop:
Creativity & Play
(Nathan and Lori)
3:40-4:50 PM Balboa Only Track Beg/Int Balboa
for Lindy Hoppers
(Doug and Joy)
5-6:10 PM Int/Adv Balboa
for Lindy Hoppers
(Doug and Joy)
 Dinner Break

Evening Classes Classes:

All Levels: Connection, Momentum & Flow
with Ken Watanabe & Rebecca Shannon

Explore the mysteries of connection in partner dancing. Lindy hop has a unique connection that incorporates stretch, compression, tension, relaxation and focus. Learning good connection techniques will help elevate your level of dancing, allowing you to dance comfortably with anyone no matter how different their dance style or level, or what moves you’re doing!

East Coast Swing Crash Course
with Nathan & Lori

Learn the simple 6-count basic step and fun beginner moves to get you dancing quickly!

 Live Music Dance Party


The Cosmo Alleycats

The Cosmo Alleycats – the dance band with a vintage twist – plays swinging dance music that spans many decades and genres including Big Band Swing, Blues, R&B, Soul, 60s Rock and Motown. Featuring passionate, not-to-be-missed vocals by singer Emily Day, the band’s exhilarating sound and creative renditions of groove-inducing tunes have delighted Bay Area dancers for many years at local clubs and jazz festivals.

PLUS Fabulus guest DJ Frank Lee during the breaks!

Cash bar serving craft cocktails, beer, wine and finger food by Grant Fukui and Adam Ward

Register online now and save $10 or more!

Location: Ukrainian-American Hall, 345 Seventh Street, SF, CA 94110 (near Folsom)

Parking & Safety Note: The neighborhood is riskier toward Market & 6th Streets, so instead park on 7th & 8th Streets (and higher) and south of Market toward Harrison & Folsom. Leave unneeded valuables at home, bring essential valuables to the venue, and don’t leave anything in sight in your vehicle!


Dance Party:
Dance Only Ticket: $15 online / $20 door
Dance Ticket with any class purchase(s): $10 online & door.

Afternoon Workshops:
Lindy Hop Only: $30 early / $35 online / $40 door.
Balboa Only: $30 early / $35 online / $40 door
All Afternoon Track: $55 early / $60 online / $65 door

Afternoon Drop-ins: $20/class cash at the door. First come, first served depending on available space and class balance. We will limit the balance to maximum 3 extra leaders or followers. Recruit a drop-in partner for best chances to make it into class!

Evening Classes for Beginners & Newbies:
All-Levels Connection & Flow Class: $25 early / $30 online / $35 door.
East Coast Swing Crash Course: $10 online & door

Register online by Thursday, April 20th and Save $10 or more!

Afternoon Class Descriptions

Requirements: you must be able to dance the swingout, lindy circle, 6- and 8-count turns & basic charleston. 2+ months of Intermediate classes and regular social dance experience is highly recommended.

Intermediate Lindy Hop: Shuffle, Kick, Pop!

Add some pepper and spice to your Lindy Hop including fun and flashy footwork variations for your swingout, the “overdrive” swingout, and snappy moves and follower options from right-to-right that will help you improve your leading and following skills.

 Intermediate Lindy Hop: Creativity & Play

Forget about moves! This class will have plenty of hands on exercises to help you express the music with your full body, and encourage playful dance conversation between you and your partner!

Beginner/Intermediate Balboa for Lindy Hoppers

Get an accelerated introduction and/or review of Balboa fundamentals including essential footwork, technique and beginner patterns to get you started. Balboa, danced in a close embrace, is an intimate swing dance that features an elegantly efficient basic step and flashy footwork that is perfect for dancing to blazing fast tempos!

Intermediate/Advanced Balboa for Lindy Hoppers

Build upon the material of the previous class and learn essential Intermediate Balboa vocabulary as well as tricky footwork play and lead/follow variations that will challenge even advanced Balboa dancers!

About the Teachers

Bay Area teachers Nathan, Lori, Doug, Joy, Ken & Rebecca are local favorites who love spreading the joy of Swing, Lindy Hop and Balboa at venues including Cats Corner, Lindy in the Park, City College of San Francisco, and Wednesday Night Hop! They are excited to team up for an exciting afternoon of helping you develop your dancing!

Nathan Dias :

Nathan Dias

Nathan is an award-winning swing dancer, instructor, performer and DJ in San Francisco. Dancing since 1997, Nathan learned his chops on the social and competitive dance floor, at national and international dance camps, and as a performer with the SF Bounce and 3 Minute Maniacs swing dance troupes. Nathan started teaching dance in 2005 and is the regular dance instructor at Cat’s Corner – the Wednesday night swing dance at Balancoire Night Club, and also teaches weekly group classes at the SF Women’s Building in the Mission District.

Notable dance awards include:

  • 1st Place Lindy Hop Jack & Jill, Boogie by the Bay 2011
  • 2nd Place Strictly Lindy – Boogie by the Bay 2011
Lori Tanaguchi :

Lori Tanaguchi

When Lori's father was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and given stern doctor’s orders to exercise 3-4 times a week, he took it as carte blanche to attend every conceivable dance class in the East Bay. His enthusiastic daughter was happy to tag along and it wasn’t long before the Lindy love-bug bit her.

Lori is an indiscriminate consumer of all types of dance and a peppy partner on the dance floor, proving that the right attitude can make up for many technical sins. When not dancing, she works as an administrator at Stanford University, eats her body weight in sushi, and juggles at least five books on her nightstand at once.

Douglas Mathews :

Douglas Mathews

Douglas Mathews started swing dancing in 2001 in Vero Beach, FL and has been loving it ever since.  In the last three years he has gotten involved in organizing Wednesday Night Hop weekly dance party in the South Bay and the Swingin’ at the Savoy annual Swing workshop and found a love for organizing music at these venues and events.  He has a passion for the greater Bay Area swing scene and loves to see venues and dancers participating together in all of the different communities here.  He loves geeking out about video clips, balboa, and swing dance in general.
Joy Jing :

Joy Jing

Fresh from a week at The Balboa Experiment, Joy is excited to share her love of Balboa with everyone! She first began swing dancing when a friend brought her to the MIT Lindy Hop Society’s weekly dance, where she quickly fell in love with the energy, spirit, and community of swing. She soon discovered the rhythmic flow of Balboa, and loves the connection and freedom of expression that the closely partnered dance allows.

She loves to share her passion for all kinds of swing and hopes that everyone gets the chance to experience the sheer joy that a crazy, creative, swinging dance can bring. Her style emphasizes fun, creativity, musicality, and technique.

Ken Watanabe :

Ken Watanabe

Ken is the co-founder and regular teacher & DJ at Lindy in the Park in SF. Ken began swing dancing in 1987, and has been teaching Lindy Hop in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998, including classes at the Allegro Ballroom in Emeryville, the Metronome Ballroom in San Francisco, as well as numerous workshops, including the 2000 Frankie Manning Millennium Birthday Bash in Tokyo, the 2001 Lindy U. swing dance camp in Chicago, the 2003 Japan Lindy Exchange, and the annual NCLS Frankie Manning workshops in San Francisco.

His greatest claim to fame, however, may be as the (one-time) swing dance instructor to Xena, the Warrior Princess (Lucy Lawless).

Rebecca Shannon :

Rebecca Shannon

Rebecca is known for her friendly, fun-filled classes and her love of all things swing. Knowledgeable in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues and Collegiate Shag, she has taught, performed and competed throughout the Bay Area and beyond and is currently the teaching partner of David Blood at San Francisco City College. She also performs with and does choreography for the City College performance troupe the Hot Bloods.