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Tuesday Swing & Lindy Hop Classes in the Sunset

Next Class Session starts Tuesday, !

Nathan & Audrey

Register by Monday, and save $10!

  • 7pm All Levels Jazz: The Big Apple Routine
  • 8:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop

(or…check out our Monday classes)

In our friendly, neighborhood dance classes you’ll learn to dance, have fun, meet new people, and get great exercise all at once!

Our Sunset Swing & Lindy Hop classes offer:

  • friendly, knowledgeable & skilled dance instruction with Nathan & Audrey
  • progressive classes that help you to build your skill week by week
  • new 4-week class sessions starting the first Tuesday of each month
  • 30-minute practice session right after class — dance and socialize with your instructors and classmates
  • online class registration & discount

All Levels Jazz: The Big Apple Routine ()

with Nathan & Audrey

Tuesdays, 7-8pm, , (4-weeks)

Practice session from 8-8:30pm

Class size limited to 20 students. Sign up soon to save your spot!

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Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop ()

with Nathan & Audrey

Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30pm, , (4-weeks)

Practice session from 9:30-10pm

Class size limited to 20 students. Sign up soon to save your spot!

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Add-a-class ()

Take an additional class at a $10 discount. You must be qualified to take the higher-level class.

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$20 drop-in first two weeks only, with instructor permission, and as space is available.
*There are two roles in Lindy Hop: leaders (traditionally men) and followers (traditionally women). You don’t have to be traditional in our class, but we do ask that you choose one role and stick with it for the 4-week series.

Refunds & Missed Classes Policy

Class Location

Avenue Dance Studio

4541 Irving St. @ 46th Ave

San Francisco, CA 94122

Class Descriptions

All Levels Jazz: The Big Apple Routine

The Big Apple routine is a classic jazz dance performed as a group in a big circle that originated in South Carolina in the 1930s. In it’s original form a designated “caller” would yell out the names of particular dance steps and everyone in the circle would dance them. In 1937, Frankie Manning, one of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, choreographed a performance version of this dance for theĀ  film Keep Punchin’, and his choreography has become a piece of common vocabulary among modern Lindy Hoppers.

In this class, you will learn essential jazz vocabulary, improve your personal body movement and styling, and learn Frankie’s original choreography from start to finish. No partner is needed. This class is an All Levels format class, which means we cover the fundamentals of each step for beginners, and also add optional details and styling for more experienced dancers. No partner needed.

Watch the Tranky Doo Routine performance by our previous All-Levels Jazz Class:

Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop

This class is for dancers who have been taking Intermediate Lindy Hop for at least one year and who want to take their dancing to the next level. We will work on refining our partner connection, improving our ability to lead and follow complex patterns, exploring musicality, personal expression and performance aspects of dancing, and more. Students in this class MUST be regular social dancers, and demonstrate proficiency with our Intermediate Lindy Hop curriculum, especially if coming from other Lindy Hop programs. If in doubt, please conact Nathan.

The class has a progressive format which means we review and build upon previous weeks’ material each week. No partner is needed; we rotate frequently in class.

A new 4-week class series starts the first Tuesday of every month.

About the Instructors

Nathan Dias

Nathan Dias, swing dance teacher in San FranciscoNathan is an accomplished swing dance instructor, performer and DJ in San Francisco. Dancing since 1997, Nathan learned his chops on the social and competitive dance floor, at national and international dance camps, and as a performer with the SF Bounce and 3 Minute Maniacs swing dance troupes. Nathan started teaching dance in 2005 and is the regular dance instructor at Cat’s Corner – the Wednesday night swing dance at Savanna Jazz Club. He is often a guest instructor at Lindy in the Park and the 9:20 Special.

Audrey Kanemoto

Audrey Kanemoto, swing dance teacher in San FranciscoAudrey has been tap dancing for 23 years with a smattering of jazz, ballet, tango, waltz, and lindy hop along the way. She enjoys executing big ideas, so when she first started swing dancing in 2001, she produced a music video with a 40-person cast and crew that included all of her new friends and instructors. She continued work on her technique, style, and stage quality with lindy hop performance groups SF Bounce, The Swing Cats Rhythm Revue, and the 3-Minute Maniacs.

In the last two years, Audrey has been traveling and competing at lindy hop events and camps earning a name for herself as an exuberant and passionate solo charleston dancer. Her most recent lindy hop success was a clean sweep of the three first place trophies at Inspiration Weekend 2007 in Orange County. When she is not dancing Audrey is an architect specializing in green custom residential additions and remodels.

Cancellations, Refunds & Missed Classes

There will be a $20 additional charge for all returned checks.

No refunds or discounts for missed classes and sorry, no make-ups for the classes. Credit can be given for a future series to students who are going
to miss an entire series if you inform Nathan
by no later than the 2nd class of any series.

If you miss a class, consider a Private Lesson or arriving early to ask your instructors and fellow
students about the material missed. We also hold a practice session after class every week which is a great opportunity
to practice and ask about missed material.