Virginie & Nathan Lindy Hop Workshop!


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Saturday, February 2nd, 2:30-5:30pm @ City College, SF

Lindy Hop Teaching Masters: Steven & Virginie

Swing Dance Legend Virginie Jensen  has taught and influenced countless Lindy Hoppers and Blues Dancers across the world. Her visually stunning style exemplifies physicality, graceful movement and playfulness, and all her students benefit from her deep dance knowledge and years of experience teaching innovative classes to the world’s top Lindy Hop competitors, teachers and performers.

A lesser known fact is that this world renowned teacher lives right here in the Bay Area, and we’re super excited to bring her out of hiding to share her unique skills and insights and be a fresh source of inspiration to local dancers! Don’t miss it!

Workshop Format: 2 classes, 1:15 minutes each

Class 1: Movement Fundamentals
Class 2: Partner Connection and Play
Learn how to move gracefully, effectively and expressively as a dancer, utilizing your core muscles and whole body to enhance your connection to the floor, your partner and the music. Floor exercises will help you develop balance, coordination and solid turning and spin technique. Explore, practice and improve your technique for connecting physically with your dance partner to help you go beyond the “moves” you’ve been learning in class to create new movements and shapes on the dance floor. Virginie and Nathan will share some of their favorite dance creations and experiments, while encouraging you to improvise and create your own.

Location: Fitness and Wellness Center, City College

Pre-Requisites: Intermediate Level. You must know the Lindy Hop fundamentals: swingout, lindy circle, Charleston, 6-count turns and passes.

$30 for first 5 leaders and 5 followers.
$35 early registration by Thursday, January 31.
$45 full price/at the door.

No partner needed. 60 spots available.

Register today and
Save up to $15!

Steven & Virginie teach at Herrang Dance Camp:

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More of Steven & Virginie Dancing:

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