One tell tale sign of a beginner versus an intermediate dancer is the way they each do their triple steps. Pushing off the floor,  really stretching out the timing of the first step, and then also doing cool slides with it is something that doesn’t necessarily come easy. So this month, I want to focus on exercises and styling that you can use to improve your triple steps. I found these amazing videos featuring the reknowned Dax Hock as he provides a very useful triple step exercise that all of us can practice at home- it’s quite a work out!!! If I were a Lindy doctor, I’d say to practice this exercise at home, once a day for two weeks. You’ll soon get the triple steps into your body memory and people will be amazed at your improvement.

1. Triple Steps with Dax Hock

[tubepress video=”ETt-Jj9i6Mw”]

2.   Here’s the same exercise broken down into slower portions and counted out by Joe Demers:

[tubepress video=”sg_acehxAW0″]

3. Going for the gold!!! An added challenge.

After doing the triple step exercises, challenge yourself with some “slippery footwork.” Watch this video of Peter Strom and see what he does with his triple steps! He really emphasizes the slide in his steps so that “he’s just triple-stepping while moving backwards, but each step is accompanied by sliding the other foot away into the air.  So for a left-right-left triple, the visual effect is that the right foot is sweeping out each time he steps on his left foot, almost looking like a double-kick in each direction.” ( Particularly pay attention to 0:16 and after in the video. This is something you can add to your dance for that extra flourish! Good luck!

[tubepress video=”0_G4QlkThyw”]

A Double Take on Triple Steps