Rebecca Shannon - SF Swing & Lindy Hop dance teacher

This month, I’d like to point out a nice little online swing dance resource — Blondie Cuts A Rug — a blog written by San Francisco swing dancer Rebecca Shannon. An art teacher by day and fabulous lindy hopper by night, Rebecca regularly teaches swing dance classes at SF City College along with David Blood. I was fortunate to borrow her to help teach classes at Cat’s Corner this past January.

Rebecca’s posts include useful tips, advice and information that I think will especially benefit new swing dancers — from basic dance floor etiquette, to ways to improve and stay motivated as dancer, to discovering one’s own unique voice and style on the dance floor. Here are a few good reads:

A few of Rebecca’s posts also touch on bits of swing and jazz history, and if you like those, then you should consider “friending” her on Facebook (Rebecca Shannon), where her historical portraits of vintage dance and music greats will find their way into your Facebook stream.

Blondie Cuts A Rug