Dear Friends,

Sunday, April 5th is my birthday and to celebrate I’d actually like to give away the presents this year: free private dance lessons!

Yeah. That’s right. Free.

The first 10 individuals or couples who can answer the personal trivia question at the end of this message may each claim a free 1-hour private dance lesson.

Lesson Details:

  • 1-hour private lesson w/ Nathan Dias
  • taught at Nathan’s home dance studio in the Inner Sunset, SF
  • lesson times available on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday evenings + weekdays during the day
  • limit 1 lesson per individual or couple

Use this opportunity to:

  • learn the basics in a private setting
  • refine & improve your technique w/ individual feedback
  • learn new moves, footwork, styling and more
  • practice class material with an experienced partner
  • learn to dance for your wedding or special event

I’m also offering a $10 discount on private lessons for the month of April, in case you miss being one of the lucky 10.

And now for the personal trivia question:

What is the name of the song that Nathan first started swing dancing to?

(Hint: you can find the answer somewhere on my website)

Email me, call me or come and talk to me at a dance with the answer to claim your lesson.

Cheers and happy dancing…oh, and Happy Birthday to all the other Aries/April Birthday people out there 😉

Free Private Lessons Contest!