I recently stumbled upon this group while listening on pandora.com, and after reading their bio on wikipedia and seeing that they were popular in Sweden too, I couldn’t resist mentioning them. From the Wikipedia:

The Deep River Boys were an American Gospel music group active from the mid 1930s to the mid 1950s. The group performed spirituals, Gospel, and R&B. The group consisted of Harry Douglas (baritone), Vernon Gardner (first tenor), George Lawson (second tenor), Jimmy Lundy and Edward Ware (bass). They appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, held command performances before the Queen of England (in the 1960s), and US President Dwight D Eisenhower. They also performed with Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Count Basie, Fats Waller, Charlie Christian and Thelma Carpenter. In Europe they were especially popular in countries like Sweden and Norway from the 1950s and upwards, appearing on numerous TV shows, even releasing several hit-singles performing songs in Swedish and Norwegian. The group continued to tour into the early eighties.

One album that I particularly liked is:

especially the tracks “Lucky Old Sun”, “Lucky Black Cat”, and “Deep Water”.

The Deep River Boys